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My name is Erik Trautman and I’m a challenge-addicted entrepreneur, developer, dreamer, marketer, designer, photographer, athlete, analyst, data geek, quoter of Super Troopers and lover of all things obscurely nerdy or powerfully artistic.

I spent half a decade building analytics infrastructure and trading on commodities desks from Wall Street to Houston before shifting gears into entrepreneurship. In 2013 I started The Odin Project, a community-based web development program with almost 100,000 members. In 2014 I founded Viking Code School, a fully online software engineering program where students don't have to pay until they get a job.

I've also ridden through each of the lower 48 states on a motorcycle, most during one epic trip in 2012. I ran my first triathlon in 2016 and completed a full Ironman a year later in Santa Rosa, California. I can typically be found hiking in Yosemite or dancing like a maniac to whatever's playing.

I'm driven to impact the world through the creation of successful business while living meaningfully and well. Come along for the ride.

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